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I'm a prairie girl, born, raised, and loving Winnipeg, Manitoba. I find it relaxing to cook for my husband Dave, our families and friends. My loves: Dave, Steeler our Weimaraner, planning menus for dinner parties, shopping for local ingredients, spending time at the lake, wine tasting, and being in the woods or any other wild space.

I have struggled all my life with what "eating healthy" means. I have tried every fad diet under the sun, and have gained and lost too many pounds then I care to remember. I am finally trying to shake the diet mentality and eat what I love, and what makes me feel good, in hopes that true health will follow. This blog is already helping me to stay sane in that respect.
My love of cooking really began when I worked out at a fishing lodge for the summers. Preparing home cooked meals for large groups of hungry fishermen made me realize how satisfying it is to feed crowds with food you cooked with simple ingredients.

My favourite part about the prairies, what makes us so lucky to live here, is that we have four real seasons. I love that in July we're swimming in the lake, and six months later we're walking on its frozen  thick ice, completely bundled from head to toe. I often wonder whether we'd appreciate summer as much as we do if we hadn't gone through winter first.

I wanted to share recipes that celebrate these distinct seasons. Honestly, I also wanted to have a place to collect and store favourite recipes, because with everything being online now - gone are the days where I will one day hand down a recipe box filled with stained family recipes. I work as a full time in-house lawyer, so I love the opportunity this space provide me to do something more creative.

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The posts I'm most proud of thus far: 

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