Sunday, 25 January 2015

Soft Boiled Egg with Soldiers

I realize this post is in no way a "recipe". And you probably don't need a how-to guide for boiling water and buttering toast. I post it only in hope of inspiring you to try this old method again, as it is one of my most favourite morning pleasures. I post the step by step pictures and directions not to patronize you or question your basic living skills, but because the ritual is so dear to my heart. Because it takes only 10 mins start to finish, it's great for upping the ante on week day breakfasts.

The top three reasons I love Winnipeg: Family, Friends, and Rye Bread. How can anyone pick sides if asked to choose between the chewy, cracked rye bread that City Bread and KUB Bakery produce here in the city. Mornings can never be bad when started with a healthy pat of butter melting on a well toasted slice of rye. Butter used to be my guilty pleasure, until I started rationally thinking about it, now it's just a pleasure. 

Again, my Point counting voice will chime in at times with the "just have the toast dry - butter is so unhealthy." I've learned to stop listening. Counting calories is something I try not to do anymore, but for all those worried about the occasional buttered piece of toast or egg yolk, this breakfast of: one egg, two slices of rye, 2 teaspoons of butter, and half a grapefruit is approximately 360 calories. A Tim Horton "Egg" White and Turkey Sausage Sandwich is 330 calories. For a negligible 30 extra calories I would much prefer sitting around the breakfast table enjoying some real food, the ingredients of which I can pronounce. Admittedly, I fall prey to those horrible convenience foods too often, but by putting these thoughts in writing I hope to forget them less. Sorry - rant over.

I already spoke to my new found love of eggs here, but one of my favourite parts of being a new egg lover is the excuse to collect all kinds of egg eating paraphernalia (much to Dave's enjoyment as you can well imagine). Finding the perfect egg cups is a fun outing in itself. The antique mall at The Old House Revival Company has many great finds. If you don't have cute egg cups - I made do with shot glasses for the first years of making soft boiled eggs. The only soft boiled egg tool I'm still on the hunt for is an ornate silver spoon. Once I find the perfect one, my Sunday morning breakfast table ritual of making believe I'm Mary from Downton Abby will be that much more realistic. 

Soft Boiled Egg with Soldiers
Serves One

1 egg
rye bread

Fill a small pot half way with water and bring to boil, lower egg into water using a spoon. Quickly set timer and boil egg for exactly 6 minutes.

Meanwhile, toast and butter rye bread. Cut toast into soldiers - you may think that's a childish, uneccesary step - but dipping full slices into runny yolk isn't easy. Slice a grapefruit if you please.

When timer is done, quickly remove egg from water and run under cold water for a few seconds. Take your seat and crack around the top third of the egg. Remove top part of shell and lop off a good part of the white to reveal the bright runny yolk.

I like to add a little kosher salt and cracked pepper at this point.

Take your time to enjoy every last bit.


  1. Some of the most comforting things to eat are made from simple components. What makes this sort of thing awesome is when those items just work together, less is more. Butter also doesn't hurt. Most of the time when I make something and people tell me they loved it, I usually respond... "If you put this much butter on anything and it will taste good." Love seeing what is cooking in the kitchen. Keep posting.

    1. Thanks for providing a very thoughtful first ever comment! Nice to know a fellow home-chef is reading!

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